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See the replay from our latest webinar "Elevate Your Healthcare Innovation with Venture Capital Partnerships" 

Now more than ever, healthcare leaders have unique needs. NEPC can help.

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COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of telemedicine, virtual care and other technologies by five years or more.  Now more than ever, healthcare systems need innovation programs to generate efficiencies, improve patient care and to drive down cost.

In the face of growing financial pressures tied to pandemic response, how can healthcare leaders structure their strategic investment and innovation programs to meet the new world of healthcare? 

The Strategic Healthcare Resource Center is designed to help healthcare leaders adapt and innovate to a changing industry. Join our community for regularly updated research and content on topics curated for healthcare leaders and Chief Innovation Officers.

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Healthcare Innovation Leaders Webinar Series

Tune into our Healthcare Innovation Leaders Webinar Series for insights from some of the best venture capital and private equity investors and medical experts in the country.

Elevate Your Healthcare Innovation With Venture Capital Partnerships

Investing over the past decade has changed. It includes more than just seeking financial goals, it also serves as a medium for strategic initiatives in sectors, such as healthcare. According to Pitchbook, in 2019, the combined private equity investment in MedTech and HealthTech alone was approximately $53 billion.[1] This new world of investing demands new skills from both investors and allocators.

Join Jan Garfinkle, Founder and Managing Partner of Arboretum Ventures, for an exclusive discussion to help healthcare leaders evaluate if they have the skillset and risk tolerance to become successful venture capital investors. This webinar will discuss managing capital needs through the entirety of an investment’s life cycle and how developing a relationship with a venture capital manager can help support innovation within healthcare systems.

[1] Pitchbook. The Healthcare PE Investment Landscape

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Additional Events and Webinar Replays

Download replays of our Healthcare Innovation Leaders Series webinars to access the latest healthcare innovation insights. Recent webinars include: 

  • Healthcare Strategic Investing Post COVID-19
  • Redefining Strategic Investing in an Era of Technological Disruption
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Strategic Healthcare Insights

Evaluating your innovation and strategic investing programs? Get the latest research for considerations about how to structure the program, including the pros and cons of investing directly in companies or in a fund managed by a general partner.
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Healthcare Operating Portfolio Analysis

Access one of the most robust analyses of healthcare systems’ financial health with a comprehensive look at issues that impact operating asset investment pools. Compare how your portfolio results and asset allocations stack up to peer healthcare systems with similar profiles.

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