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Supporting Continuous Innovation

Many healthcare systems are facing a conundrum: They need innovation programs to generate efficiencies, improve patient care and to drive down cost, but how should they structure their strategic investment and innovation programs in the face of growing financial pressures tied to the response to COVID-19?

This website is designed to serve as a resource for clients where they can access our white papers which cover topics such as governance, and the pros and cons of investing directly in companies or in a fund managed by a general partner.

We believe recent events have accelerated the adoption of telemedicine, virtual care and other technologies by five or more years in a matter of months. As our clients seek to respond to their new world, we are here to help them on their journey!

Healthcare Strategic Investing Resources:

Healthcare Innovation Leaders Series

Our Healthcare Innovation Leaders Series is a platform we have developed to share the insights of some of the best investors and medical experts in the country with our client base.

You can download replays of our Healthcare Innovation Leaders Series webinars and find the accompanying meeting notes and slides. Five webinars are planned for 2020, and will cover a variety of topics relative to innovation.

The first two webinars in our series have been announced:

Additional 2020 Events

  • Case Study / Review of Innovation Program with a Leading Healthcare System
  • Innovation from an Insurer’s Perspective

In coming months the website will be expanded to include links to information provided by third party healthcare experts, and information on healthcare-focused general partners.  

Strategic Healthcare Insights

This link will take you to our research on strategic investing and innovation for healthcare systems; this is a valuable source of data for clients evaluating how to implement their strategic investing programs.

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Healthcare Operating Portfolio Analysis

The results of our Annual Healthcare Operating Portfolio Asset Allocation Survey can be found here along with flash polls and information related to the issues that impact operating asset investment pools. Our annual survey is one of the most robust peer group analysis in the industry as data is categorized by credit rating and debt ratios allowing healthcare systems to compare their portfolio results and asset allocations to peers with similar profiles.

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Healthcare Investing Trends and Defined Contribution Plans

Find information on defined contribution and defined benefit plan trends, how ESG is finding its way into portfolios and other information on trends impacting our clients.

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